February 12, 2013

Meeting of the Savannah R-III School Board of Education
Central Office Meeting Room
Meal 6:15 PM ~ Work Session 6:30 ~ Open Session 7:00 PM
Closed Session During Open Session
  Second Closed Session Following Open Session
February 12, 2013
Work Session Agenda
I.          Call to Order
II.         Board President Questions/Issues
III.        Review Agenda Items
IV.       Placing Items on the Consent Agenda
V.        Adjourn
Open Session Agenda
I.          Call to Order:  Regular Meeting ~ Pledge of Allegiance
II.         Welcome and Communication from Visitors ~ Board President
III.        Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session
IV.        Motion to Adjourn Closed Session and Reconvene Open Session
V.         Recognitions:  Board President/Superintendent
VI.       Consent Agenda ~ Requires Motion
            A.      Approval of Minutes:  January 15, 2013
            B.      Approval of Bills Dated: JanuaryJanuaryFebruaryFebruary               
            C.      Personnel ~ Dr. Tim Mattson
            D.      Middle School Handbook Posting ~ Handbook
VII.      Motion to Adopt Agenda Including Items Placed on the Consent Agenda
VIII.     Action Items:  Requires Motion
            E.     General Journal ~ Dr. Brax
            F.     Adoption of the 2013-1014 Calendar ~ Calendar ~ Dr. Brax
            G.     Counselors Power Point ~ Report           
            H.     Adoption of Policy HA                      
            I.      Alternative Classroom Setting Starting in the 2013-2014 School Year
            J.      High School Band Uniform Information ~ Picture ~ Fundraisers ~ Dr. Brax
IX.       District Reports Informational Items Included in the Packet
            A.     High School ~ Missouri Options Update            
            B.     Middle School               
            C.     Amazonia               
            D.     Helena               
            E.     John Glenn ~ Rocket               
            F.     Minnie Cline
            G.    Special Services               
            H.    Distinction in Performance Award
X.        Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session
XI.       Motion to Adjorn