Board Briefs

Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

April 9, 2019


Recognition: This month the Board of Education would like to recognize our exceptional group of building secretaries.  Thank you for all of your hard work ladies!

Early Childhood/Special Services: Sara Schussler

“Sara is great time management skills to handle the multi-tasking of the various programs that pass through our office (SPED, Preschool, Parents as Teachers, Alternative Classroom/MO Options, 504, ELL, Gifted, Medicaid/Fairbanks, and homebound). Sara has great organizational skills which help to keep us where we need to be with our various meetings in the different buildings. She takes care of the SPED purchases which is a nightmare with 'extra' coding requirements. She helps us with the tremendous compliance requirements (timelines, reporting, coding, Tyler, MOSIS, & SPEDtrack). Sara has good communication skills.  She is dependable and reliable helping with preschool enrollment ensuring we comply with LMI and IEP requirements.  Sara is an asset and Savannah R-III is blessed to have Sara as an employee.”

~ Julia Schmitz Special Services Director

Amazonia Elementary: Rona Wycoff

             “We don't have enough words to describe the asset she is to our building. She has amazing rapport with our community, is knowledgeable about our families from past and present, is familiar with our town's history, and is from the Savannah area so the very best in knowing where homes are located, to give directions, etc.  She is much more than someone who puts in the lunch count, answers our phone calls, runs off copies for staff, but is someone who goes above and beyond to befriend any and everyone who comes in our building. She doesn't know a stranger, her laugh (and snort) is infectious, and we are certainly blessed to call her our school secretary. She assists in keeping our school going like a well-oiled machine, and if you KNOW her (students, families, staff), then you definitely LOVE her.”

~ Aimee Addington, Principal

Helena Elementary: Sandy Shewmaker

“Helena Elementary would like to recognize Sandy Shewmaker for her dedication to Helena and the Savannah R-III School District.  Sandy has served as the secretary at Helena for 22 years.  She is truly the heart of Helena Elementary.  She greets everyone with a warm, friendly smile and is willing to do anything to help our school community.  She is the world’s greatest multitasker from completing attendance reports, answer phones, helping teachers, making copies, filling in as nurse and principal to treating each and every child as her own.  Sandy’s makes each and every person she meets feel special and part of our Helena family.”

~ Roxanne Rooney, Principal

John Glenn Elementary: Janice Keith and Deanna Huffman

“Deanna has only been with us since February 1st. Although she is new, she is always willing to jump in and help anywhere we need it. Deanna quickly became a part of our JG family and we appreciate her positive, smiling attitude. She has made a great effort to learn our students' names and assist them, as needed.  Thank you Deanna for all you do for us!”

“Janice has been with us since August. She has picked up on the Tyler system quickly. She is not afraid to ask questions or call to find the right answers. Janice is very reliable, always at school ready to go for our students, teachers and staff.  Thank you Janice for all you do for us!”

~ Kelly Warren, Principal

Minnie Cline Elementary: Beth Dudeck and Ashley Stout

Beth and Ashley are truly the dynamic duo of Minnie Cline!!!  They are totally trustworthy and reliable with every task they are given!!  They make sound decisions under pressure, BUT they also come up with fresh solutions to challenges!!  This school runs on Beth and Ashley, they rock!!!

~Troy Dunn, Principal

Savannah Middle School: Cindy Taylor and Holly Bodenhausen

“SMS would like to recognize our outstanding secretaries; Cindy Taylor and Holly Bodenhausen.  They are an integral part of the SMS team. The office can be a hectic place from time to time, however, both Cindy and Holly work diligently to ensure that things run smoothly and effectively on a daily basis.  Not only do both work very hard during the day, but they are both the first to jump in to help out when a project is needing to be completed.  They are also very willing to stay past their contract time, in order to help out when the office is shorthanded.  SMS is very lucky to have these two secretaries! “

~ Stephanie Merritt, Principal


Savannah High School: Cindy Hanna, Cathy High, Deana Watson

“These three women keep SHS running smoothly.  They are willing to do anything asked of them and put in extra time to make sure every day at SHS runs smoothly.  They make SHS a welcoming place and help students feel cared about.  Cathy, Cindy, and Deana help to make SHS what it is and we couldn’t make it without them.”

~ Sarah Portenier, Principal


                Counseling Department: Bailey Hughes

Bailey Hughes is a wonderful asset to the Counseling Center.  She is an amazing multi-tasker who keeps us all afloat even on the craziest of days.  She greets EVERYONE with a smile and a willingness to assist anyway she can.  Her attention to detail and forward thinking keeps us on track.

~ Karen Taylor, Counselor



New Hires:  Starting immediately: Sheyan Griffin – SACC, Alexandria Buckles – Custodian MC, and Kelly Gill – Custodian MC.  Starting for the 2019-20 School Year: Rachel Livesay – FACS Teacher SHS, Cheryl Campbell – 4th Grade MC, Kathleen Musick – Kindergarten AZ, Kayli Bragg – 4th Grade AZ, Ashley Price – 5th Grade MC, Andrew Gibbs – Speech/Debate/Drama HS, and Daniel Portenier – ISS Para MS.  Welcome to the tribe!


Resignations: Chelsea Bridges – Para HE, Dana Prater – Custodian MC, and Mike Grider – Custodian MC effective April 2019.  Chantelle Schwope – HS Sped, Erika Atterbury – HS Art, Austina Falcone – 4th Grade MC, and Hanna Long – 8th Grade ELA SMS effective at the end of the 2018-19 School Year. 


Retirement: Jackie McNair – ECSE Para effective at the end of the 2018-19 school year.


Extra Duty: Juli Higer – MS Asst. Track Coach.     


Substitute Teachers: Cynthia Smith, Jerry Page, and Margaret Voisard have been approved to sub


Board Reorganization 

The Board accepted the Official County Election Results and swore in new Board member Joseph Barbosa and incumbent Linda Kozminski.  For an updated list of Board Officers and Committee assignments please see the Board Agenda. 


Action Items

Surplus Property: 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4 for sale on for $1,000.00.  


Summer School: The Board approved the proposed 2018-19 summer school programs for K-9 and SHS. 


Handbooks: The Board looked at changes to 2019-20 handbooks for the Early Learning Center, Elementary/MS/HS Bully Handbooks, the Middle School Handbook and MS/HS Activity Handbooks. 


Copy Paper: Clayton Paper’s bid of $27,760.83 to supply copy paper for the 2019-20 school year. 


Academic Integrity: A section on Academic Integrity will be attached to 2019-20 handbooks.  See the Board Agenda for the full policy. 


Program Review

The Board reviewed the current Early Childhood Programs.  Check the Board agenda for more information. 


Discussion Items

Grant Applications: Dr. Kurre approved Grant Applications for the I can Read grant at John Glenn Elementary, Helena Elementary, and Amazonia Elementary; Ukuleles in the Music Room grant, and a Donors Choose grant for the High School. 


The next Savannah R-III Regular School Board meeting will be held Tuesday, May 14, 2019, starting at 7:00 PM at the Savannah R-III Central Office Meeting Room. The April Work Session will be Monday, April 15, 2019.