Board Briefs

Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

June 12, 2019

 Recognition: Ashley Anderson, Curriculum Director, nominated the 2nd grade teachers for Board Recognition.  

“The second grade teachers piloted the standards referenced grading system for the district during this school year. They worked for three days last summer preparing for the changes. The first-steps with any change are always the hardest... this group of ladies took every step with courage and a positive outlook. They are the epitome of flexibility and collaboration.  They persevered through the struggles, encouraged each other when it would have been easiest to quit, and have decided there is "no way" they would ever go back to how they taught and graded before! They are pioneers; they are survivors; they are winners- their work will pave the way for on boarding other grade levels into our district's system.

THANK YOU for your dedication to this process.”



New Hires:  Tina Bacon – HS Business, Brandy Karleskint- JG 4th Grade, Sarah Foster – JG Para, Will Holland – HS Custodian, Diana Noble – MS Custodian, Hanna Hughes – MS Sped, Natalie McQuerrey – MC Sped, and Ronda Davis – HS Custodian.   Welcome to the tribe!


Transfers:  Shannon Bush transferred from Helena to SMS.   


Resignations: Steaven Ashlock – SMS Custodian, Thomas Sipes – HS Custodian, Kayla Ellis – JG 3rd Grade, Caitlin Thompson – 7th Grade Volleyball Coach, Barb Barsch – HS Business, Kristi Batte – MS ELA, Hannah Holland – MC Food Service. 


Career Ladder: The Board approved the list of CL employees for the 2019-20 school year.  A full list can be found on the Board agenda. 


Summer Staff:  The Board approved the list of summer employees for the 2019-20 school year.  A full list can be found on the Board agenda.


Action Items


Final 2018-19 Budget: The Board approved several motions that will allow the Superintendent to ensure that all bills are paid and necessary fund transfers are made to close out the 2018-19 FY.


Proposed 2019-20 Budget: The Board approved the proposed 2019-20 budget that includes: a projected revenue increase, $600 added to the Certified Staff Base plus approved lane movements, a 3% raise for non-certified staff and administration, and a transfer of funds from Fund 1 to Fund 4 to help cover necessary building maintenance projects.   A full proposal and overview can be found on the board agenda. 


Substitute Salary: In an effort to stay competitive and comparable with area sub rates and to even out existing discrepancies, the Board approved the following sub rate increases for the 19-20 school year:  Substitute Teacher - $97/day, Long Term Sub - $133/day, Sub Para- $75/day, Sub Nurse- $97/day, Sub Secretary - $75/day, Sub Custodian $9.25/hour, Sub Food Service $9.25/hour, Homebound - $16/hour, Mowing crew - $11/hour. 


Tuition Rates: Tuition rates for Avenue City students will stay the same for the 19-20 school year.  The district does NOT accept outside tuition. 


Discussion Items


Grant Applications: Dr. Kurre approved Grant Applications for the Pets in the Classroom Grant submitted by Annie Maier, and a Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation Grant submitted by Julianne Higer. 


The next meeting of the Savannah R-III Board of Education will be held on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, at 7:00 PM in the Central Office Meeting Room. A Board Retreat will be held on Monday, June 17, 2019, at 9:00 AM beginning in the Central Office Meeting Room.