July 12, 2011

Minutes of the Savannah R-III School Board of Education
Central Office Meeting Room
Meal 6:15 PM ~ Work Session 6:30 PM ~ Open Meeting 7:00 PM
July 12, 2011

Work Session Minutes

I.                   President Smith called the work session meeting to order at 6:30 PM in the central office meeting room.


Members Present:  Debbie Smith, President; Kelly Houston, Vice-President; Susan Garrison, Dr. Ken Rosenauer, Mark Schneeflock, and Jim Vega.  Dr. Mike Kozminski arrived at 6:38 PM,


Others Present:  Dr. David Brax, Superintendent; Dr. Tim Mattson, Assistant Superintendent; Troy Dunn, Aimee Addington, Shelley Stevens, Janet Smith, Leisa Blair, Jill Jones, Steve Kellepouris, Kelly Warren, Jesse Murphy, Vance Vanderwerker, and Janna Wuest, Board Secretary. 


Absent:  None

II.       Board President Questions/Issues:  None

III.      The Board reviewed the agenda Items.

IV.      The Board discussed moving items G, H, and I to the consent agenda.

V.       Mrs. Smith called for a break at 6:48 PM.


Open Session Minutes


I.                   President Smith called the open session meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was resited.


Members Present:  Debbie Smith, President; Kelly Houston, Vice-President; Susan Garrison, Dr. Mike Kozminski, Dr. Ken Rosenauer, Mark Schneeflock, and Jim Vega.


Absent:  None


Others present:  Dr. David Brax, Superintendent; Dr. Tim Mattson, Assistant Superintendent, Leisa Blair, Janet Smith, Shelly Stevens, Kelly Warren, Troy Dunn, Vance Vanderwerken, Steve Kellepouris, Jesse Murphy, John Acton, Jr., Stephanie Acton, and Janna Wuest, Board Secretary


II.        Welcome and Communication from Visitors:  Parent, John Acton, Jr. addressed the Board regarding a residence concern.

III.       Recognitions:  None.


IV.             Consent Agenda ~ Mr. Houston made the motion to move items G, H, and I to the consent agenda.  Mr. Vega seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 7 – 0 vote. 

      A.        Approval of the June 14, 2011 minutes, as presented.


B.     Approval of bills dated:  June 23 ~ $666,749.32, June 28 ~ $135,677.69, June 30 ~                $453,358.90, July 7 ~ $60,835.76, June 12 ~ $140,194.24.


C.        Personnel ~ None this meeting


G.                Service Bids: Milk / Bread Products, Fuel / Diesel Bids:


The Board approved Roberts Dairy of St. Joseph, MO for the milk products.

Milk Products  

Anderson Erickson - Des Moines    (Company will not deliver 3 times per week)  

                                                                        Firm                Escalating

2% white                               .2710                      .2310

1% white                               .2590                      .2190

Skim Choc                            .2680                      .2280

Skim white                            .2480                      .2080

Skim strawberry                   .2680                      .2280

6 oz yogurt                            .47                          .46


Roberts Dairy - St. Joseph                              

Firm                        Escalating

2% white                               .2989                      .2589

1% white                               .2837                      .2437

Skim choc                             .2841                      .2441

Skim white                            .2730                      .2330

Skim strawberry                   .2841                      .2441  

6 oz yogurt                            .46                          .45


We do not possess the storage capacity to take delivery of milk only two times weekly.


The Board approved to award Sara Lee of Kansas City, MO for the bread products. 

Bread Products

Sara Lee - Kansas City, MO                            2011-12

                                1 ½ # loaf              white sandwich                    $1.14

1 ½ # loaf              wheat sandwich                   $1.14

12 ct.                      4” hamburger buns             $1.44

8 ct.                        4” wheat buns                      $1.04 

16 ct.                      hotdog buns                          $1.76

1#  loaf                  french bread                         $1.80 


Hostess Brands - St. Joseph, MO                    2011-12

                                1 ½ # loaf              white sandwich                    $1.75

1 ½ # loaf              wheat sandwich                   $1.75

12 ct.                      4” hamburger buns             $1.75

12 ct.                      4”wheat buns                       $1.75

12 ct.                      hotdog buns                          $1.75

1#  loaf                  french bread                         $1.75


The Board approved Ferrellgas for propane.


Propane Quotations                          2011-2012                            2010-2011

                                                                                Fixed      Escalating             Fixed      Escalating

                                                                                                $0.145 over                          $0.35 over

floating                                  floating

Ferrellgas                            $1.768 cost                           $1.422 cost          

Platte City/Savannah, MO                                                                               


United Cooperatives, Inc  $1.95                                      $1.65

Plattsburg, MO


The Board approved Andrew County Oil for diesel fuel. We received only one bid for diesel.


Diesel Fuel Bids                                  2011-2012                            2010-2011

                                                                                                Escalating                             Escalating

Andrew County Oil            on 6/15/11  $2.91                                                last year  $2.18

Savannah, MO


H.        The Board dopted to set the 2011-12 tuition rates for grades K-6 at $3700 and grades 7-12 at $4000, which is no change from the previous year. 


I.                   Kansas/Missouri Leadership Forum ~ The Board approved for Dr. Brax to representSavannah R-III School District in the Kansas/Missouri Leadership Forum.


V.                Mrs. Garrison made the motion to adopt the agenda including moving items G, H, and I to be placed on the consent agenda.  Mr. Houston seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 7 – 0 vote.


VI.       Action Items:  Requires Motion


D.        General Journal: $5,164,687.64; Health Trust:  $97,527.80; Ed Price:  $3,283.91;Scholarships and the Lockbox reports were made.  Mr. Schneeflock made the motion to approve these reports as presented.  Mr. Rosenauer seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 7 - 0 vote.


E.                 Dr. Kozminski made the motion that the following policies be adopted as presented. Mr. Schneeflock seconded the motion.  All in favor with a 7 – 0 vote.


DK – Payment Process

JGA – Corporal Punishment

JGGA – Seclusion, Isolation and Restraint

JHCD – Administration of Medications to Students


F.                  Dr. Kozminski made the motion to post the following policies for further review.  Mr. Houston seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 7 – 0 vote.


JFCL – A+ Schools Program

JG-R  - Student Discipline


VI.             The High School provided their district report.  Summer School report from Dr. Troy Dunn was provided.  Dr. David Brax also provided a Superintendent’s report.


A.    Board Tour of District facilities – will be schedules in mid-August.

B.     Savannah R-III will host the August 3rd Chamber of Commerce Meeting.

C.     Dr. Brax will attend a Tax Levy Workshop on Tuesday, July 26th


VIII.       Future Items ~ State Tax Rate Hearing ~ August


IX.             Dr. Kozminski made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Houston seconded it.  All in favor with a 7 – 0 vote.  TIME:  7:41 PM




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Debbie Smith, Board President                                  Janna Wuest, Board Secretary